Chapter on supporting pediatric patients 

June 2017




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The following websites may be of interest to clnicians or researchers interested in this area.  The author is not responsible for their content:


SELF CHECK STRESS MEASURES FOR STAFF A self-test for burnout symptoms referenced by Brindley JICS 2017 Compassion fatigue information referenced by Brindley JICS 2017 a test of how much in need of renewal you might be, referenced by Brindley JICS 2017






 OTHER USEFUL LINKS  Patient Communicator App developed by intensivists to help patients communicate with staff in intensive care - available in 19 languages. An organisation in the UK which was set up by adult ICU patients to provide information and support for patients and relatives.  Downloadable booklet for children visiting ICU available free from website alongside information leaflet. A website providing information and support for families in relation to their child's admission to PICU. Downloadable resources and information for health professionals looking for materials to support families of children with serious illness or injury requiring hospitalisation An animation by Riley Thomson about delirium and PTSD after ICU treatment Website giving parents information and guidance relating to the management of their child’s psychological reactions after an injury (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) A website for health professionals about ICU diaries. Child Accident Prevention Trust – leaflets about the psychological impact of accidents on children Website of a charitable organization set up to help child victims of war – includes free version of Child  Revised Impact of Event Scale, a self report scale measuring post traumatic stress symptoms in children European Society of Traumatic Stress Studies Website containing written, audio and DVD interviews with patients and relatives about their personal experiences of a number of medical conditions – includes descriptions of intensive care treatment (adult patients only) and associated blog on issues surrounding the care of patients after intensive care treatment and initiatives aimed at improving follow-up Website about delirium in adults associated with intensive care treatment – includes downloadable delirium scale and associated materials for health professionals and relatives/patients. Also contains DVD interviews with patients about delirium UK Intensive Care Society International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies National Child Traumatic Stress Network (US based) – see Pediatric Toolkit which includes guidance on recognizing post traumatic stress reactions in pediatric patients and downloadable information sheets Source website for child quality of life measure (Peds-QL) American Society of Critical Care Medicine website – includes leaflets for relatives on the equipment usually found on ICU and management of their own reactions to having a loved one who is critically ill

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