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June 2017




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Open Pediatrics video of presentation at Toronto WFPICCS (2016)

Recorded version of presentation at pre-conference workshop on outcome research priorities at World congress of Pediatric Intensive and Critical Care Societies, Toronto, Canada, originally delivered on 5/6/16.

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Interview at Toronto PICC meeting (2016)

Interview on role of psychologist, recorded by

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Presentation on Staff Stress at EAPS Meeting Barcelona (2014)

Presentation on staff stress and coping on PICU, originally delivered in October 2014 at EAPS meeting in Barcelona.

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Radio 4 interview on 'All in the Mind' (2008)


Every year ten thousand children are treated in paediatric intensive care units in the UK.

Most of the time they’re sedated with drugs, and new research has found that a significant number experience hallucinations brought on by the drugs they’re given.

These experiences can leave children with disturbing flashbacks later on, but clinical psychologists can play a part in helping both children and their parents to cope with a stay in intensive care.

Claudia visited the paediatric intensive care unit at St George’s Hospital in south London to meet clinical psychologist Gillian Colville - to see how it’s done.

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