Oct Delusional memories reported by children following intensive care admission: is this evidence of delirium? European Delirium Association 4th Meeting, Leeds ppt handout
Sept Evaluation of a PICU follow up clinic: it is good to talk! FCYP Meeting, Royal Holloway, London ppt handout
Sept High stress during admision predicts impact of PICU follow up clinic on parents' psychological outcome PICS Annual Meeting, Cambridge ppt handout
June The psychological impact on children of admission to PICU EACLPP 12th Annual Meeting, Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands ppt handout
June Post-traumatic stress in children in the year following PICU treatment ECOTS 11th Annual Meeting, Oslo, Norway ppt handout
May Psychological aspects of PICU research PICS-SG Spring Meeting, Lords, London ppt handout
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