November Research on children and families after PICU Children’s Hospitals of Philadelphia and Montreal ppt handout
November Patterns of post-traumatic stress in child-parent pairs after Pediatric Intensive Care Treatment ISTSS
23rd Annual Mtg,
Baltimore, USA
ppt handout
September Predictors of long term post-traumatic stress in mothers and fathers after a child’s admission to PICU PICS Annual Meeting
Nottingham, UK
ppt handout
June Predictors of Posttraumatic stress in children after PICU admission WFPICCS
5th Meeting
Geneva, Switzerland
ppt handout
March Psychological Research PICS
Research Group
Cambridge, UK
ppt handout
February Children’s factual and delusional memories of PICU SCCM
36th Annual Mtg,
Orlando, USA
ppt handout 
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