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June 2017




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STRESSCHECKER-ICU- a self check measure for staff to monitor their symptoms of work-related post-traumatic stress and burnout, using the Trauma Screening Questionnaire (TSQ) Brewin et al 2002 and abbreviated Maslach Burnout Inventory (aMBI) McManus et al 2000. ___________________________________________________________ DISCLAIMER: These scores are for information only and should not be taken to be diagnostic.  They are simply an indication of your current symptoms and how they compare with both community norms and profession specific data.  This information is provided in the spirit of one of the principles of Trauma-Informed Care, whereby staff are encouraged to be aware of and to monitor their own stress in relation to the traumatic nature of their  work. The aim of such self-monitoring is that you are made aware of any deterioration in your mood or energy levels in a timely way, in order that you can make adjustments to your lifestyle so as to address any depletion in your resilience before it impacts more seriously on your general functioning.  If you are in significant distress or feel that your functioning at home or at work is seriously affected, you should seek further help from your GP, Occupational Health service or Staff Support services. ___________________________________________________________ TO USE THIS INTERACTIVE TOOL, OPEN COPY IN EXCEL

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